Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Missions is at the heart of all we do. As a church, we are not successful locally if we don't minister globally. God's heart is that all would know Him and it's our responsibility to pray, give, and go. Missions is communicated and opportunities given at every age level in our church family. Our kids have Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge in which they can partner with our missionaries. Speed The Light and AIM (Ambassadors in Mission) are the ways our students partner with missionaries and go on missions trips around the world. We have many ways that adults can give, pray, and even go as we say "Yes" to spreading the gospel all over the world. We partner with Assemblies of God missionaries, YWAM Missionaries, organizations like Convoy of Hope & WorldServe Inc., and many others to further the gospel all over the world.

- Will you pray with us for our missionaries?
- Will you give to missions and help us support our missionaries every month?
- Will you go with us as we create opportunities here in Alaska and around the world?

Active SitkaAG Supported Missionaries

Steve and Debbie Alsup

AG World Missionary - Asia Pacific

Joni Middleton

AG World Missionary - Paris, France

Chris and Lindsey Carter

AG World Missionary - Tskuba, Japan

Judi Ballweber-Ruban

AG World Missionary - Ukraine

Chuck Wilson

AG World Missionary

Steve and Erin Pavek

AG US Missionaries - Alaska Chi Alpha

Terry and Danean Hull

AG US Missionaries - Alaska Home Missions Director

Odis and Debbie Ganey

AG US Missionaries - Alaska

Hans and Susan Oines

YWAM Missionaries - Lakeside, MT

Kenzie B.

AG World Missionary - LiveDead

Jeff and Janelle Nelson

AG World Missionaries - Africa

Daryl and Sarah J.

AG World Missionaries - Eurasia

Stephen Wilson

AG World Missionary - Chile

Pam and Tracy Hodges

AG US Missionaries - Alaska

Jeremiah and Sharnay Niemuth

AG US Missionaries - Ft. Yukon, Alaska

Joe Filancia

AG US Missionary - RV'ers

Reba Howard

YWAM Missionaries - Lakeside, MT

Join the mission

Serve the Kingdom on our upcoming mission trip to [TBA]

Due to COVID-19, we are waiting to plan our next trip and what our ministry in that location will look like. Right now, it is difficult to go, but we'd encourage you to give to Speed The Light, BGMC, or Light For The Lost. These are great ways to support missionaries that are already on the ground.

Encourage our active missionaries

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.