Testimony Tuesday || Karen

Pastor, I believe I have experienced a healing miracle!

I don’t know if when in church in the past, you’ve ever noticed my constant reaching for my neck and looking quite ‘uncomfortable’….. that’s because I have no cartilage left in the C4-5-6 areas of my neck and that degenerative course has also manifested extreme arthritis up and down both sides of my neck which is unbearably painful! Surgery has been projected for me for the past 4 years! A “fusing!”

In 2020, I was blessed to have a wonderful friend, Kim Meeder, who started Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Oregon, come visit. During her brief stay, she and her husband Troy and friend Sarah, laid hands on my neck and prayed for complete healing for me. At that time, being still the constant ‘doubting Thomas’ I “heard” the prayer but wasn’t sure what would occur. Nothing did happen …BUT I swear I heard in my head the words “I Will!, but Not Yet”.  I told this to Kim and she just smiled…I thought nothing more about it. And even before That, there was an afternoon when Coke, Gary, and Jim and Pam Moore also prayed over me about my neck!

Having now, dealt with my complete total shoulder joint replacement surgery, I’ve been focused on recovery from that, (and of course Mike's open heart surgery!) and all has been slow but Good!  So I was quite surprised and saddened when in the past couple of weeks my neck has been, once again forefront. (I Know this is long, but you Have to understand the lengths I’ve been to to try and heal my neck.) I’ve seen an orthopedic surgeon in Anchorage and another doctor there also, many times, for steroid injections and the final abysmal Horrid Ablation (severing of the receptive nerves on each side of my neck!) that was so painful I will NEVER have that performed on my body again! And at that time I was told that the nerves would grow back but that for about 1/2 to 2 years I’d be free of pain.  That time frame has come and thus my daily increase of pain has been occurring . . Not good.

So… Mike and I leave today for WA for a couple of weeks visit with family and yesterday morning at 1:30am I was in such extreme pain that I finally gave in and took some Advil which then allowed me to sleep until 4:00am (my usual hour😇). But the pain was still overtly prevalent. I got up and I went into my prayer room and was starting to do my devotionals when I couldn’t help it, I just started bawling. The words ,”cry out to Jesus” echoed in my head and I DID! I looked down and realized my tears had fallen on an open page in my Bible and that upset me, so I started to try and wipe the page dry when I stopped..abruptly…. I’d..looked..down ….With Out Pain!  I was so shocked I almost choked! I sat there in total amazement and asked Him if He had done this….? I did but didn’t believe it was possible! Then I started to feel a warmth that was very subtle, climbing up the sides of my neck and it felt (sorry this will sound silly) like ET when his neck was sort of stretching up and up and up while looking at the little girl in the movie! I felt lightheaded and then I couldn’t stop LAUGHING and smiling and crying all in one! BUT I was Still (unbelievably!!) the doubting Thomas, so I said nothing to Mike but went on with the morning. I did my shoulder exercise routine ( which normally causes my neck to tense up incredibly) and ….NO..PAIN!

I had a doc appt. at 10:00 with Dr. Roesel, and couldn’t contain myself any longer and told him about my morning and he was all over it with affirmation and Praise!   I’d told Mike before I left that I “thought” I was going to have something “pretty big” to tell him when I returned from the appt. SO..I told him the whole scenario and we both just sat in the office and thanked and praised Him for his Faithfulness and mercy! It is now 5:30am Saturday morning… and Still No Pain!

Whether this a foretaste of what is to come in Heaven, regarding my neck, or whether it’s to last the rest of my life here on earth, I don’t know and truly don’t care! This was, IS my miracle and I’m claiming it! Praise the name of Jesus, God Most High, Everlasting King of Kings!

Miracles are meant to be shared, wherever they manifest… if this will offer anyone you know a step into faith in Jesus, please feel free to pass it along. Bless you Pastor Ryan!